Catholic Church
Ashland, Oregon

Called to Protect

Armatus Online Training for 2016-2017


Social media safety is a relevant topic for everyone who works with young people. In a short period of time, new technologies have revolutionized the way we all communicate. This course introduces guidelines for protecting the youths in your care when using social media and electronic communication. You will learn how to:
Identify the risks of using social media and other forms of electronic communication
Follow policies and best practices governing the use of social media and electronic communication
Educate youths and parents about online safety
Respond appropriately to improper and illegal use of social media/electronic communication

Evelyn Tucker for upcoming training dates at 541-482-1146 ext. 12

Our Lady of the Mountain offers this training to all age groups in our parish (children, youth, parents, catechists, staff, etc.) in compliance with the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon’s Safe Environment training requirements.

This is a required training for Our Lady of the Mountain’s staff and all adults who work with minors. It is recommended that all parents, children and youth be trained in order to give them the skills and confidence to protect themselves and keep minors safe from sexual abuse.

Evelyn Tucker and Ricardo Cervantes are trained facilitators of this program at Our Lady of the Mountain. If you have any questions about this training, please call the parish office ( 541 482-1146) and ask for Evelyn or Ricardo.

Ongoing Training – THE CODE OF CONDUCT

Praesidium (Called to Protect) We have a three DVD presentation for adults/Youth that is used for initial training for all staff and volunteers that work with children.

Praesidium (Called to Protect for young children and middle school) These classroom lessons can be taught by the classroom catechist.


All background checked staff and volunteers can complete trainings on-line. This is very good information that everyone can use to help spot many of the tricks used by abusers.

Log into

Called to Protect – All background checked catechists are being asked to do the yearly update for Called to Protect. The Praesidium trainings are now available on-line, and they take about 20 minutes. Log onto: to complete “Duty to Report” and the “Code of Conduct“. All parish staff and background checked catechists are required to do this yearly informational training. Please call Evelyn Tucker @ 482-1146 ext.12 for questions or help with the training. Catechists without computer access can arrange to do the training with Evelyn in the Parish Teacher Room. Thank you all for all you do to keep our children safe.