Catholic Church
Ashland, Oregon

Fr. Maro’s Weekly Message

Dear Parishioners,

This Sunday, we begin a new liturgical year as we celebrate the First Sunday of Advent. The time of Advent underlines the theme of being prepared for the coming again of the Lord. I think it is important for us to once again be reminded that the holy season of Advent is not just a preparation for the celebration of our Lord’s birth, but more importantly it is a time of preparation for His second coming. This season is a good time to ask ourselves, how are we preparing for Jesus Christ’s coming again? I believe this will lead us to prepare for Christmas not only externally but also internally.

Most of the time we get so busy in the external preparations for Christmas as we think of the gifts that we want to give the people we love, the decorations we plan for our homes, shopping and cooking the food for our Christmas dinner, and the countless Christmas parties. There is nothing really wrong with those things, they are actually good in the sense that they will add to the beauty of celebrating Jesus Christ’s birth. But let us be reminded that the preparation that we do during the Advent season is also a preparation for his return and so we have to prepare our souls as well. Let us remember to examine our conscience and repent from our sins. Let us ask our Lord’s mercy and forgiveness. Let us take time too, to reach out to our brothers and sisters in the community who might be in need of our love and service especially this time of the year.

As a community let us journey together through this season of Advent to prepare not only for Christmas – Jesus Christ’s humble birth – but also for Jesus Christ’s coming again in glory. May our preparation be complete. Have a blessed season of Advent everyone!

In Christ, Fr. Maro