Catholic Church
Ashland, Oregon

Fr. Maro’s Weekly Message

Fr. MaroDear Parishioners,

A new teaching with authority. The people in our Gospel for this Sunday were amazed at how Jesus taught because He taught like no other teacher taught. But the question is, did they learn? Were they all converted and did they all become followers of Jesus and believers of the Gospel? No, not all of them learned. In fact, some of the people there might even be among those who were shouting “crucify him!” when Jesus was on trial before Pilate. This shows us that no matter how great the teacher is, if the one being taught is not open then he/she will not learn.

Brothers and sisters, unlike the people during those times we now know that Jesus Christ is the greatest teacher that we can ever have. He is the teacher that can lead us to everlasting life and because of that, there is more reason for us to live according to His teachings and not be like those people who ended up crucifying Him.

I believe that it is true that no matter how good or how bad the teacher is, if the students do not want to learn then they would never learn. But then Jesus is not the same as other teachers, He is God – with the power and the authority over our lives! Let us, then do our best to deepen our relationship with Him, let us rely on Him and pray that He may give us the grace to desire to learn more about His teachings and to live according to those teachings.

Last but not least, let us pray that He may drive away from us the unclean spirits that causes us to live lives that are not according to the Christian way of life. He has the power and the authority and in His power and authority… we will learn.

In Christ, Fr. Maro