Catholic Church
Ashland, Oregon

Message from Deacon Ricardo

Dear Parishioners,

It is my hope that everyone is doing well; this is my first time writing for the bulletin and let me tell you that this is one of the hardest things for me to do. I guess this is one of the reasons I became a mechanic! A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the Sacred Liturgy Conference in Medford, so Fr. Maro asked me to share my experience with all of you. First of all, I am a Vatican II child so I didn’t have the chance to experience the Latin Mass, at least consciously, because I’m sure my parents took me to some as a baby. By the time I knew something, most of the changes were already being done so I didn’t know any better. This was my experience of the Mass as we celebrate it today, but during this conference we could experience the Latin Mass several times and on different levels: the High Mass, Low Mass, a Mass for the Blessed Virgin Mary and a Pontifical High Mass. This was a great experience of how these Masses were celebrated and united with the Gregorian Chant and all the information that the presenters shared with us.

One of the things that I learned and I used to feel proud about is the fact that our altar is facing to the East or ad Orientem which is not physically literal; it means to that One who is the origin of everything. In simple words it means TO GOD. Another thing that I was reminded of is that we sing the Mass parts, not sing in the Mass. There are many things we can improve upon but I think we can start with our participation internally and externally in the Mass and not as a pit stop on our way to… but come to Mass for what it really is: a personal encounter with our God and Lord and to worship Him and give Him thanks and really to celebrate the Eucharist. After all, the Liturgy is about GOD, not about us.

Yours in the Lord,
Rev. Mr. Ricardo Cervantes