Catholic Church
Ashland, Oregon

Archbishop’s Letter: Liturgical Considerations

Further Liturgical and Sacramental Considerations During the Covid-19 Pandemic [24 March 2020]

Archdiocese of PortlandLimit of Gatherings
In light of the Governor’s Executive Order 20-12 in which a “Stay at Home” order has been declared, the Archdiocese advises that parishes remind the faithful to remain at home “to the maximum extent possible”. The state limit of no more than 25 people gathered together remains in force.

Private or Closed Masses
All priests are urged to celebrate a Mass each day, only essential ministers should be in attendance. These Masses can be livestreamed observing social distancing recommendations.

Parishes should keep regular confession times promoting social distancing and observing the limits of numbers gathered set by the state. If the sacrament is celebrated outside of a traditional confessional the confidentiality of the Sacrament is to be strictly maintained at all times.

Open Churches
All parishes are asked to keep their churches open for prayer during this time for at least some fixed period of time each day, so that for their spiritual necessity the faithful can make prayerful visits. Again, the state limits and social distancing recommendations should be observed.

Eucharistic Adoration
Periods of Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament are encouraged observing social distancing. However, Adoration Chapels that cannot observe social distancing recommendations should be closed and these periods of adoration should be made in the main church.

Social Distancing and Sanitation
Parishes are recommended to post signs reminding people about social distancing when visiting churches. Hand sanitizer should be available for people to cleanse their hands when entering churches. Also sanitizing wipes could be placed in confessionals, so that the penitent’s side made be cleansed upon leaving the confessional.

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