Catholic Church
Ashland, Oregon

RCIA for Children

Journey of Faith for Children / RCIA

From Love to Evangelization

The experience of being in love leads inevitable to the overwhelming desire to proclaim, share, and live that love.  This is true of deep human love, and it is no less true of our experience of God’s love.  The more we know God’s unfailing love for us, the more we come to be in love with God. This experience impels us to evangelize, to invite others into the experience of that same love. Our Lady of the Mountain invites Adults as well as children into this experience of God’s love.

The Community of Our Lady of the Mountain welcomes and initiates those on this spiritual journey.

Our Children of catechetical age make this same journey through the waters of baptism, sealed by the Spirit and welcomed to their place at the Table of the Lord.

This journey with children will be a process of learning about our Catholic faith at a level that is age appropriate for the children to understand.  They will discover what Catholics believe, the meanings of Mass, how to pray, the seven sacraments of the church, moral living, living out our faith, stories of finding God in everyday life and learn about God’s greatest gift Jesus.

Call today if you would like to sponsor an RCIA child.  (541) 482-1146