Catholic Church
Ashland, Oregon
Letter to A Suffering Church

A Session on Bishop Robert Barron’s “Letter to A Suffering Church”

“In the end, we are not Catholics because our leaders are flawless, but because we find the claims of Catholicism both compelling and beautiful.” – Bishop Robert Barron

Please join fellow parishioners for a deep, truthful, and healing conversation about how we are personally and collectively dealing with the sex abuse crisis in the Church.

Our intention is to explore the experience of being Catholic and integrating this intrinsically horrifying reality of sexual abuse by a small percentage of our priests and the cover-up and lack of transparency by some of the bishops of our Church.

By the session’s closing, we hope to find a way together to “stay and fight” for Christ, the Holy Trinity, the Eucharist, and all the treasures of our faith.

Action before the session: If you have not yet done so, please read the “Letter to A Suffering Church” by Bishop Robert Barron. This is the text that will frame and guide our conversation. Free copies were distributed earlier and additional ones are available on the kiosk in the breezeway. More resources:

For more information or to ask questions: Contact Sally Steele at 541-944-4337, or Daniel Murphy at 541-613-0654,

Please note that professional counseling will be available during the session.