Catholic Church
Ashland, Oregon

Fr. Bent’s Weekly Message

Fr. BrentDear Parishioners,

I’m not a fan of Christmas music and Christmas decorations in November; I’ll set up some Christmas stuff in my house after Thanksgiving, but no music until Christmas Day. However, I recently received a text from one of my friends who is even more opposed to jumping the gun on Christmas than I am. This text included a photo of a Christmas tree in his house, already set up and decorated. And this year…that just feels right.

When the state shut everything down back in March, many of us agonized because we could not celebrate Holy Week and Easter as fully as we needed to. I think in our focus on the “loss” of Easter, we missed something else that happened during that time period: the celebration of the Annunciation–the message that the time had come for the Word to become flesh in the womb of Mary.

However, not hearing the message can’t stop Jesus from coming. Even in the darkest of times, Christmas still comes. It is especially in the darkest of times that we need Christmas to come. I think this is why, this year, it “just feels right” if it comes a little bit early. Our hearts are naturally drawn to Jesus, especially in times of trouble and this gets expressed in what we listen to and how we decorate our homes.

Just remember: Keep Christ in Christmas. If you want to get a jump on Christmas this year, use that head start to create an extra special place in your hearts and homes for Jesus.

Verso l’alto,
Father Brent Crowe