Catholic Church
Ashland, Oregon

Fr. Brent’s Weekly Message

Fr. BrentDear Friends,

In last weekend’s letter, I wrote about some concerns that I have had about the security of the parish facilities. As a reminder, if you use a key to enter any of the parish buildings, please make sure that all doors and windows are securely locked and fastened when you leave. Also, please make sure that children are always under the direct supervision of their parents or guardians.

This week, I would like to remind everyone who uses the parish facilities that the meetings must be registered with the parish office so that we can put the meeting times on the calendar. This will help us out a lot if something strange is noticed. Thank you in advance for your cooperation with this.

As a heads up, I have to go to Mount Angel later this week for some meetings. I will be leaving before Mass on Tuesday, September 8 and returning Thursday night. There will not be Daily Mass on September 8th, 9th or 10th, but Deacon Ricardo will be here to lead a prayer service. Please keep all the new pastors and administrators in your prayers.

Finally, on a happier note, Monday is Labor Day. As Catholics, we celebrate the sanctification of human labor on the memorial of Saint Joseph the Worker on May 1. This weekend let us ask for St. Joseph’s intercession to help us always remember that God intended human labor to be a participation in his work of creation.

“O glorious Joseph! Who concealed your incomparable and regal dignity of custodian of Jesus and of the Virgin Mary under the humble appearance of a craftsman and provided for them with your work, protect with loving power your sons and daughters, especially entrusted to you. You know their anxieties and sufferings, because you yourself experienced them at the side of Jesus and of His Mother.

Do not allow them, oppressed by so many worries, to forget the purpose for which they were created by God. Do not allow the seeds of distrust to take hold of their immortal souls. Remind all the workers that in the fields, in factories, in mines, and in scientific laboratories, they are not working, rejoicing, or suffering alone, but at their side is Jesus, with Mary, His Mother and ours, to sustain them, to dry the sweat of their brow, giving value to their toil. Teach them to turn work into a very high instrument of sanctification as you did. Amen.” — Pope Saint John XXIII

Verso l’alto,
Father Brent Crowe