Catholic Church
Ashland, Oregon

Fr. Maro’s Weekly Message

Fr. MaroDear Parishioners,

I would like to ask you to join me in praying for all of our brothers and sisters who are preparing to receive the sacraments. We have children who started their classes to prepare for their first Confession and first Communion – I don’t know if you still remember your first Confession and first Communion, but I am sure that this time is exciting for our young brothers and sisters who are preparing for it. Let us support them with our prayers and good example.

There will also be some individuals who are preparing to be in full communion with the Catholic Church this coming Easter through our RCIA classes. At this time when the Catholic Church is facing great challenges, the RCIA program of all parishes all over the world (but especially here in the United States) will play an important role in rebuilding people’s trust in the Church that might have been destroyed or wounded.

People who are still desiring to be Catholics in spite of all the issues surrounding our Church remind us that God is greater than human failure and Satan’s evil works. Faith does not depend on human success or failure, but on God’s awesome love and mighty works. Let us continue to stand firm and be witnesses of our faith because the Holy Spirit is always at work and will never abandon us.

Lastly, let us pray for all those involved in teaching and in helping our brothers and sisters prepare to receive the sacraments. May they have the strength to be good witnesses of the faith to our brothers and sisters who seek to join us in the faith. May God bless us all.

In Christ,
Fr. Maro