Catholic Church
Ashland, Oregon

Fr. Maro’s Weekly Message

Fr. MaroDear Parishioners,

Playing volleyball at the Y, I get to see lots of different things outside of the church environment that I am so used to living in and my experiences interacting with people outside our church community are usually sources of reflections for me.

One time there was a player with two injured fingers; he had tapes on his fingers but he still played. Another time there was someone who had a slightly swollen forearm from a car accident earlier that day, but he still played. I was thinking about those injuries not stopping people to play – it doesn’t make any sense! If one is injured and is in pain, the most sensible thing to do is to stop playing. But then thinking more about it, I continued to play even when my knee and shoulder started to feel painful. It did not make any sense except that I knew I love playing – it must be all for the love of the game and for the people we get to interact with. The pain is worth experiencing just to be with the beloved – or because of the love of the game, it is okay even if at times it is painful.

The Gospel that we have for today reminds us of our love for Jesus Christ. Jesus in asking Peter the question “Do you love me?” is also asking all of us who profess faith in him. In each affirmative answer given by Peter, he was reminded of his mission.

Brothers and sisters, we love Jesus so we have to constantly act to fulfill our mission as his followers. Sometimes it is painful, sometimes it is difficult, but because of our love for Jesus Christ, we are able to go through the difficulties of the mission.

So at times when we are having challenges fulfilling our mission as followers of Jesus Christ or at times when being a witness of Jesus Christ to others is a bit inconvenient, let us be reminded of our love for him – when we know we are doing something for our beloved, it becomes easier and the pain will never be useless – it is for the glory of our God and King.

In Christ,
Fr. Maro