Catholic Church
Ashland, Oregon

Fr. Maro’s Weekly Message

Fr. MaroDear Parishioners,

In the Gospel reading we have this Sunday, we hear Jesus laying down his farewell commandment to his disciples. The time has come for him to go back to the father in heaven, but before he left he gave his disciples this commandment: “Love one another as I have loved you.”

How did Jesus love his disciples? From reading the scriptures and reflecting on the relationship that he had with his first disciples we can see that Jesus loved them selflessly, with sacrifice, with understanding and with mercy.

Brothers and sisters, the command of Jesus Christ to “Love one another as I have loved you” is as you may already know, not a simple and easy commandment but it is something that we have to obey as best as we can. Let us continue to do our best to be as loving to one another as Jesus is to us. Let us love one another without counting the cost; let us desire what is best for each other without minding the challenges it might bring us; let us accept each other’s weaknesses without condemnation but with the desire to help; and let us open our hearts and allow Jesus to fill it with peace so that we may be able to let go of the pains from past experiences and forgive past offenses. Lastly, let us pray that we may have the courage and the strength to really love one another as Jesus loves us.

In Christ,
Fr. Maro