Catholic Church
Ashland, Oregon

Fr. Maro’s Weekly Message

Fr. MaroDear Parishioners,

Happy Birthday to our Church! As we celebrate Pentecost Sunday, we also celebrate the birth of our Church. In our celebration, let us be reminded of the mission that we have as members of our Church.

In all of the four gospels, Jesus sent the disciples on a mission. But he did not want them to go alone or on their own, he wanted them to wait for the coming of the Holy Spirit which he promised. When the Holy Spirit came to the disciples while they were gathered in the upper room, they were empowered. With the Holy Spirit guiding them, they knew what to do and they did what Jesus commanded them to do.

Brothers and sisters, we too have received the Holy Spirit and we too are empowered! Let us truly be brave witnesses of Jesus Christ because we have the power of the Holy Spirit within us. Let us allow him to guide us in everything we do, especially in reaching out to people around us teaching them the ways of our Lord as we love and serve them.

During the Confirmation Mass that our Archbishop celebrated at Sacred Heart a few years ago, he reminded all the people present, but especially those getting confirmed, of the common vocation that we as followers of Jesus Christ have. We are all called to holiness.

With the Holy Spirit’s powerful help, let us not stop on our journey to holiness and let us not only encourage each other along the way, but let us also bring with us those who seem to have stopped on their journey. With the Holy Spirit’s guidance, we will succeed.

This year our Confirmation Mass was suspended because of the pandemic, but our teens’ journey to complete their Christian initiation continues. Let us pray that they may truly be empowered by the Holy Spirit and so become bold witnesses of the faith to everyone, most especially to the other teens they interact with every day.

In Christ,
Fr. Maro