Catholic Church
Ashland, Oregon

You can view a list of most of the ministries at Our Lady of the Mountain or read further details about our overall mission at OLM.

Our Church Ministry consists of four main Missions:

1. Ministry of the Word

The main Mission of the Ministry of the Word is that we are a vibrant part of our Catholic Community in the following ways:

  • Faithful need to hear the Gospel proclaimed (Mass)
  • Faithful need to be instructed in the truths of the faith
  • Catechetics (Education for both sacramental preparation and religious instruction) for
    • Penance
    • First Holy Communion
    • Confirmation
    • Adult Catechumenate and RCIA
    • Marriage Preparation
    • Instruction of Parents for child Baptism
    • Ongoing Catechesis (Young and adult. Includes discussion groups.)
    • Special care for the needs of the handicapped and those that don’t speak English.

2. Parish Care and Service Ministry

The main Mission of the Parish Care and Service Ministry is care for our local parishioners and facilities, with special attention for:

  • Providing support for our members who are suffering or are in need such as
    • Care of the sick and dying
    • Care for the poor
    • Care for the afflicted
    • Care for the lonely
    • Care for the exiled
  • Youth Ministry
  • Family Life Ministry
  • Lay Eucharistic ministers for homebound

3. Prayer and Worship Ministry

The main Mission of the Prayer and Worship Ministry is to foster the following:

  • Eucharist must be the center of the life of the parish
  • Insure that the sacraments are celebrated well
  • Emphasis should be placed on the communal celebration of the sacraments where it is called for and on the full participation of people during the sacramental celebration
  • That people should be trained for the liturgical ministries
    • Music
    • Physical Environment
    • Insure that we take into account the different cultures that exist in our community
  • Promote Prayer and devotion among Catholics
    • Eucharist devotion
    • Liturgy of the Hours
  • Prayer Groups
  • Retreats, days of recollection, missions, revivals, etc.
  • Provide instruction and materials to foster family prayer

4. Service In and For the World

We recognize that until the parish (and people within the parish) is actively engaged in service in and for the world, the other ministries have not come to their full fruition. The Service In and For the World ministries strive to:

  • Bring the Good News to others in the marketplace and workplace
    • Particularly those on the margins of society, with compassion and a thirst for justice
    • Give support to the individual for this missionary work
    • Call the parish itself to this evangelical spirit
  • Evangelization and Sanctification of the World
    • Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
    • Insure we develop a desire to share our faith with others
    • Insure we have an attitude of hospitality towards those who visit
    • Insure we  have interest in those who inquire
  • Fulfill the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy
    • Feeding the hungry
    • Giving drink to the thirsty
    • Welcoming the homeless
    • Clothing the naked
    • Visiting the ill and imprisoned
    • Compassionate response to those in need: homeless, sick, elderly, single parent, unemployed, abused children and wives, the drug dependent, mentally disturbed and those in need of spiritual healing
  • Renewal of the Social Order in the Spirit of the Gospel
    • Called upon to change the very institutions, the social and economic order which result in poverty, oppression or injustice. Particularly:
    • Marriage and Family Life
    • Economic justice
    • Politics
    • Culture
    • Peace
    • By virtue of baptism, we all have a responsibility to bring our faith into the secular arena –the world of politics, the marketplace and culture.
    • Recognize the renewal of the social order is often a difficult area for parish involvement. It often stirs controversy and conflict. However, we have found it possible to come together, sometimes in coalition with other parishes or groups, to address problems of justice.