Catholic Church
Ashland, Oregon

How do I become a registered member of Our Lady of the Mountain Catholic Church?
Come by the Parish Office during regular office hours and fill out a registration form. Registration forms can be found here and emailed to or dropped in the collection basket at Mass.

What are your regular office hours?
Our regular office hours are Monday through Thursday from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM and Friday from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM with limited staff. We are closed Saturday, Sunday and on all major holidays.

What do I do if I need to reach a priest in case of an emergency but the Parish Office is closed?
In case of imminent death, call the Parish Office (541.482.1146) and follow the voice instructions that will direct you on how to reach a priest.

What steps do I need to take to baptize my infant/child?
Call the Parish Office and speak with Deacon Ricardo Cervantes, our Baptism Preparation Coordinator. Classes need to be taken by both parents and godparents. Baptisms are scheduled for the second Saturday of each month. If godparents are from out of town, proof of baptism preparation classes is needed. A birth certificate is also required for the child who is receiving the Sacrament of Baptism and an “Information for Baptism Register” needs to be filled out (see our Forms page).

My fiancé/fiancée and I would like to be married in our parish. How soon do I need to make these arrangements?
It is important to call at least nine months to one year in advance to add the wedding date to the parish calendar. Marriage preparation classes begin six months prior to the wedding date, therefore it is necessary to call the Parish Office to make an appointment at that time. If one or both parties have been married before, this process can take up to one year or longer.

I would like to receive the Holy Eucharist/Anointing of the Sick but I am homebound. How can this be arranged?
If you are a Catholic requesting a home visit and would like to receive Communion, call the Parish Office and we will contact our parish volunteer to bring you Holy Communion. If you would like a priest to come and anoint you, contact the Parish Office and we will schedule an appointment for you to be anointed. Please note that family members who call on behalf of the homebound individual need to make sure this is being done at the individual’s request and not by the assumption of the family member.

I would like to enroll my children for the preparation classes to receive First Holy Communion and First Reconciliation. When do I begin this process?
All Religious Education classes begin in the fall. The deadline to register is generally October. Forms can be picked up in the parish office or in the parish hall, and returned to Jen Staszak (Coordinator of Religious Education).

Baptized children can be enrolled in Sacramental Preparation classes for First Reconciliation and First Communion in second grade. These classes meet monthly, and require proof of baptism. Contact Jen Staszak for more information.

I am interested in Youth Group and would also like to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. When do classes begin?
Youth Group and Confirmation classes begin in the fall as well. Registration forms can be found on the Youth Group table in the parish breezeway or by stopping by the Parish Office to register. Confirmation classes are offered to all teens who are currently in the 9th grade. Youth Group is offered for all teens for grades 7th thru high school. Contact Liz Millenheft for more information.

I am interested in the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) program. When does it begin and how do I enroll?
The RCIA program is for any person who would like to become a Catholic. This program begins in the fall and continues throughout the year with weekly classes led by Deacon Ricardo Cervantes and his RCIA team. Individuals who are uncertain about becoming Catholic can attend the Inquiry Phase, which is a period to “come and see” if becoming a Catholic is right for you. Call the Parish Office and speak to Deacon Ricardo Cervantes to let him know if you are interested in joining the group along with other interested individuals in the fall.

What do I do if a loved one dies?
Call your local funeral home so they can make an appointment with you to discuss funeral arrangements. Next, call the Parish Office to set up a meeting with the pastor to schedule a Funeral Mass.

How would I go about having a Mass offered for a living or for a deceased family member?
The easiest way is to come by the Parish Office during regular office hours and we will schedule the intention during the next available Mass on a weekday or weekend Mass time. If you would like a specific day, it is best to schedule this Mass intention at least six months to a year in advance. A Mass card is given to you at the time the intention is scheduled. We ask for a $10.00 donation for each Mass intention.

I would like to schedule an appointment with the parish priest. Should I try and catch him after Mass to see when I can stop in for an appointment?
Trying to talk with the parish priest after Mass or in between Masses is not the best way to schedule an appointment. Please call the Parish Office and the administrative office assistant will be happy to schedule that appointment for you. “Popping in” to see if the priest is around isn’t the best idea either. It’s preferable that you schedule an appointment beforehand so that you can be assured that a priest is available for you.

How do I make a donation to Our Lady of the Mountain?
Donations may be dropped in the collection basket at Mass, mailed to the Parish Office, set up electronically through your bank, or with an online service such as PayPal. Parish donation envelopes for registered parishioners are available for your weekly donations at Mass. If you would like to be set up for donation envelopes, and/or to register in the parish, please call the Parish Office. Donations can also be made online on our website here.

Does Our Lady of the Mountain offer vouchers to help those in need of donations such as gas, food, electricity payments, or rent assistance?
We no longer give out vouchers for individuals who are in need of donations, as we help our local needy through our St. Vincent de Paul charitable organization. Please call St. Vincent de Paul at 541-708-5650 (if you live in Talent-Ashland) or 541-772-3828 (if you live in Medford) for assistance.